Cumulo Music is a rights management and
maximisation agency, specialising in
music publishing copyrights and recordings.

An introduction

To Cumulo Music Rights

With a combined 35 years of experience of the universe of music rights and their respective relationship to one another, Cumulo can add value to a music catalogue by applying a few key actions to increase a catalogue’s yield.

This centres around our clients taking control of their recordings and their publishing, working the two hand in hand, and applying a fresh approach to best practices including tracking, proactive marketing and regular reporting, all of which will be performed by our in-house team.

This is what we do. And we only work with a handful of top level catalogues at any time. Cumulo aims to provide a new alternative to the current rights representation landscape, whilst simultaneously working alongside the major players in the industry.

Our Ethos

Specialists in working with both music publishing copyrights and master recordings, our aim is to protect the value of these assets in the long term, to significantly increase annual turnover from them in the short to medium term and to proactively pursue new opportunities in this rapidly changing industry.


We work in partnership with writers, managers and existing publishers and apply a laser focus to re-energise song catalogues with unfulfilled potential.


We work with only a small number of high value copyrights at any one time.


We exhaustively research a client’s back catalogue and actively promote and market with the aim of generating multiple new uses.


We establish a plan to improve any and all rights- related income streams, agreed between interested parties.

Our services

What Cumulo Can Offer You

Catalogue Management

Cumulo works on behalf of our client to maximise every opportunity relating to their catalogue of songs and recordings. We constantly monitor all income types, provide regular accounting and analysis of all partners accounting and provide marketing and regular health checks including:


In-house record label releases, including a detailed re-release strategy and where necessary a team to aid marketing.

Registering rights

Neighbouring rights administration. Where necessary, Cumulo performs audits of client income and searches for missing income relating to historic publishing and recording deals.

Re-energise copyrights

Cumulo re-energises clients’ copyrights by finding opportunities for covers, remixes and interpolations by current frontline artists.


Cumulo tracks radio and sync activity worldwide and helps make sure that all publishing partners account accurately and on time.

Constant monitoring

Cumulo will constantly monitor all rights infringements and sampling issues and provide expert musicology services

Protect integrity

Cumulo helps to protect and maintain the integrity of the catalogue: our am is to help clients control the value of their songs by making sure that only the best quality recordings are available.

Tell your story

We help each client tell their story through wider projects: we have affiliates that can assist with musical theatre and grand rights, book deals and movie biopics

Best WW practices

In the case of reverted rights, Cumulo can use North American activity to establish best practices and assets that can be used on a WW basis to push existing rights partners to provide best service possible.

We also offer the following sync services:
Driving Sync

Driving sync usages through our “combined rights” approach, making licensing quicker and easier.

Marketing Assets

Proactively marketing assets to our extensive network of potential licensees across all media, our internal group companies and existing rights representation’s marketing departments.

Evaluate Opportunities

Maintaining the value of assets by taking time to evaluate each opportunity.

Maintaining Value

Working closely with our client to consistently ensure the value of the songs is maintained.

Our Clients and Partners

We’re proud to work with:

Simple Minds

Cutting Edge Film Score Catalogue,
including Drive, The Kings Speech, Sicario and Carol

Mary Mar Music,
including I Believe In Miracles

The Foundations
including Build Me Up Buttercup

Nina Simoneincluding
I’m Feeling Good

including Get It On (Bang A Gong)

Ram Jam
including Black betty

Joan Jett
including I Love Rock And Roll

Hot Chocolate
including You Sexy Thing


Tony Macaulay

Jackson Sisters

Phil Manazanera


Whiplash (Film Score)

Black Sabbath

Drive (Film Score)

Bobby Hebb

Kylie Minogue

Rick Astley

Trevor Horn

King’s Speech (Film Score)

David Bowie

The Who

Woody Guthrie

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Our Work

What we’ve worked on

From Commercials, to TV and Film, to Games – here are some of the projects we’ve worked on:


Halifax, Visit Wales, Microsoft, Sharwoods, Commerzbank, Target, Rimmel, Tropicana, Payless Shoes, Laughing Cow, Nescafe, Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Netflix, Samsung, ITV, Lidl, Gap, Old Navy, YouTube, Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, Darty, Marks & Spencer, Xbox, PlayStation

TV & Film placements:

Fast & Furious 7, Un Prophète, Burn After Reading, The Inbetweeners, True Detective, The Newsroom, Bojack Horseman, Family Guy, Better Call Saul, Nurse Jackie, Shameless, Penny Dreadful, Walking On Sunshine, Total Recall

Gaming placements:

FIFA ‘13/’14/’15, NBA Live ‘13, Dance Star, Sing Star, Little Big Planet and many more…


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